We live in a time of fast fashion vs high fashion, neatly nestled in the middle is timeless style. From the beginning my goal was to produce the very best designs and quality possible, producing a combination of traditional pieces as well as fashion forward creations for the modern equestrian. In doing this I spend a lot of time designing our clothing from scratch drawing inspiration from the past and the present of the equine world. The goal is not to make the clothes for cheap but to make them well and in turn make them last.


Today with the cost of living crisis affecting us all it has never been more important to make wise choices, your wardrobe should be no different. The price of manufacturing and shipping is increasing and these goals are ever harder to achieve but my intention remains the same. Clothing purchases are a luxury that must be chosen well and treated as an investment, each piece made to last using the best materials available. My promise is that I will endeavour to design and manufacture clothing without compromising on quality and commit to delivering each piece to market at a price that is fair.

It is not important that you own a horse or even ride at all. The power of the equine spirit transcends these attributes and has long since affected the clothes we wear and the fashion worlds creative process, it holds rich heritage that has shaped the way we live to this day and all are welcome!

Jennifer x


March 01, 2023 — Jennifer Brown

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