Hi Jessica, thank you so much for taking the time to talk to us.
It’s a pleasure. Thanks for the interview.

Firstly Jessica, where do you currently live?
I live in the south of Germany.

Can you tell us a little bit about your riding journey, did you grow up with horses?
I grew up with cats and dogs, which was probably one reason for my liking for animals. At the age of eight I started riding and since then horses have been my greatest love. At the age of 13 I broke in my first green horse, a Haflinger stallion, and made him into an outside riding horse.

In 2001 I was lucky to get the opportunity to receive a two-year training at Marc de Broissia’s, which helped me a lot to really improve my riding skills and to broaden my knowledge on handling and the care of horses. Marc de Broissia has not just become a good friend of mine, but also the most important person in my personal development as a horse rider.To this day I still benefit from his lessons.
A two-month stay at the world famous Circus Zingaro in Paris helped me expand my experience with horses especially in the field of show preparation.
In 2004 I was a spectator at a Philippe Karl clinic. His training system “School of Légèreté” aroused my curiosity, so in February 2007 I went to France for one year to intern with him and his wife Bea Borelle. In March 2008 Monsieur Karl appointed me an honorary member of the “School of Légèreté”.

You have some incredible high school trained horses and I have always admired your work, did you train them? How many horses you own?
That’s right. All the horses that I ride have been trained by me for many years. Some horse owners have entrusted their horses to me for more than 15 years now. At the moment I myself own two Lusitanos, one of them is 25 years of age and the other one is 8 years old.

Who is your inspiration in the horse world?
Old French riding masters like Pluvinel, Francois Baucher and Francios Robinchon de la Guérinière used specific exercises and muscle growth to systematically improve the horses’ flexibility and lightness (Légèreté) under saddle and my teachers Marc de Broissia and Philippe Karl.

Lastly, please could you describe your perfect riding outfit?
The perfect riding outfit should be functional, i.e. breathable, dirt-repellent and easy to clean and of course it should have a distinct style, which corresponds to my way of riding, like the clothing of Williams & Brown Equestrian

Thank you Jessica!
Thank you!

Learn more about Jessica - 

Instagram ~ @hippobalance
Website ~ www.hippo-balance.de

***Disclaimer ~ we strongly advise you to always wear your riding hat!   


April 04, 2023 — Jennifer Brown

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