Simple inspiration, endless variations. This vision is at the heart of every Williams & Brown collection.

Defined by effortless style and quiet confidence. Our pieces are the elevated essentials that anchor a wardrobe and inspire countless outfits.

Each new collection is a tribute to the feminine style icons of the past and present. The ones who inspired generations of women to live life fearlessly and at full gallop. Their legacy is evident in every design, their essence imbued in every stitch and seam.

We design in a carefully curated palette of neutrals for ultimate versatility. Then, we bring an obsessive quality to fabrication, from selection of fine materials to exquisite tailoring and finishing. Because such devotion could never be replicated on a mass scale, every collection is a limited edition.

Luxe and wearable. Classic and contemporary. These timeless pieces are destined to become instant favourites and the defining elements of your personal style.