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INTERVIEW - Jessica Suckardt

  Hi Jessica, thank you so much for taking the time to talk to us.It’s a pleasure. Thanks for the interview. Firstly Jessica, where do you currently live? I live in the south of Germany. Can you tell us a little bit about your riding journey, did you grow up with horses? I grew up with cats and dogs, which was probably one reason for my liking for animals. At the age of eight I started riding and since then horses have been my greatest love. At the age of 13 I broke in my first green horse, a Haflinger stallion, and made him into an outside riding horse. In 2001 I was lucky to get the opportunity to receive...

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Women in history month

During March, and especially the 8th March, I will be taking the time to reflect on the important women in my life. I have many lovely friends and women who inspire me daily, including my customers who I follow on their horse riding and personal journeys on social media.

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Cost of living

It is not important that you own a horse or even ride at all. The power of the equine spirit transcends these attributes and has long since affected the clothes we wear and the fashion worlds creative process, it holds rich heritage that has shaped the way we live to this day and all are welcome!

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