Brand owner Jennifer Brown was born 1985 and grew up in Warrington, England. 

Jennifer founded Williams & Brown in 2021, the brand name Williams & Brown being a tribute to her parents Karen WILLIAMS and Denis BROWN.

Her mother Karen fulfilled her dreams of owning a horse at the age of 40, which then led to Jennifer also developing a passion for riding. 

Focusing on building a career, Jennifer joined Network Rail at the age of 18, and became one of the first female Controllers in Manchester.  Not giving up on horses, she bought her PRE gelding Sambuco, where she would begin to study classical dressage.

Her passion for equestrian style developed over the years, being influenced by Spanish and Portuguese riders and her love of major fashion houses.

Jennifer moved to West Yorkshire at the age of 30 where she purchased a former textile water mill with her partner, which is undergoing restoration and is now the base of Williams & Brown.

Jennifer believes that a brand has a responsibility in the imagery it displays throughout its media, and it is her responsibility to protect equine welfare and promote fair ridden practises, due to her love and passion for horses.